Buying 21 Ways to Increase Your Home’s Value 21 WAYS TO INCREASE YOUR HOME’S VALUE Clean Declutter Increase usable square footage Increase your home’s energy efficiency Paint Exterior Curb Appeal Add Low-maintenance Landscaping Upgrade Exterior Doors Update Kitchen Update Bathrooms Stage your home Add or remodel a deck Clean the Exterior Update your home’s lighting Have flooring look in good condition Increase or […]
Buying What is the Advantage to Having a Buyer’s Agent? What is the Advantage to Having a Buyer’s Agent? Buying a home is one of the largest commitments individuals may take on during their lives (outside of running a business, marriage and/or having children).  Not everyone has the same amount of knowledge or experience in buying a home, owning one, or maintaining one.  As a […]
Buying Put Your Home Selling Plan into Action NOW Put Your Home Selling Plan into Action Now So… you’ve always liked this home that a friend, family member, or neighbor owns.  Guess what?  They have mentioned that it’s time to downsize and are thinking about selling.  But wait…. You want that house before anyone else gets a chance at it.  It’s time to get […]
Buying Should I Buy a Home in 2023? Should I buy a Home in 2023? If you’re looking to buy a home this year, there will still be opportunities.  No doubt, the past couple years have been a challenge for home buyers, and for nearly everyone else involved in the industry.  Very low interest rates combined with a relatively strong economy in 2019 […]
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